Few Tips to Reduce Weight During Holiday Time

weight loss holidayIt is very normal to put on some weight during the holiday season. You do not need to worry about it. Just remember these few tips and you can reduce the weight naturally at home only.

1. First, add some major protein food in your diet. The main reason behind the protein diet is that it is the king of nutrients. The body uses extra calories to burn the protein you eat. In addition, the protein makes you feel full and even helps in reducing your appetite. For example, you can add eggs in your breakfast to boost your metabolism for the whole day.

2. Now, what else you can do? One simple tip for not gaining weight during the holiday season is not to eat processed food. Avoid any food which is processed. Processed foods are by default made for taste addiction. For example, you can easily understand the addiction of potato chips while watching movies! You should try eating simple foods! The major benefit of eating simple food is that it is natural tummy filler.

3. Keep your fridge stored with healthy food. Whenever you are hungry, it is a human tendency to eat any food you find easily in your kitchen regardless of its calorie count. So, if you stock your fridge with healthy and natural snacks, it is a easy way to eat healthy and nutrient filled food. For example, you can always keep some flavored yoghurt, nuts or fruits in the fridge to keep your appetite in check.

4. If your daily intake of sugar is high, it can be a huge problem. Having a high sugar diet daily can lead you towards some dangerous diseases like- diabetes, heart diseases. Sometimes we even don’t realize how much sugar we unconsciously take through our food. Do you know a can of soda contains five spoon of sugar in it? Likewise, there are numerous foods which are high on sugar and are part of our daily food which we generally do not pay attention to.

5. Here is one very simple tip to reduce weight which you can easily add in your diet. Drink water! Yes by only drinking water, you can increase the calories you burn and reduce weight because water is a good detox agent. You should drink water before eating food, it will help reducing the calories intake. Drink natural water or lime water to reduce weight. In addition, avoid the high calories filled beverages.

6. Coffee is a very healthy beverage that is high on antioxidants and good for your body. By drinking this healthy drink, you can increase the energy level of your body and boost your metabolism too. However, you should drink unsweetened coffee for the best results or keep the sugar mix to minimum level. You should try black coffee for your weight loss goals .

7. If you think that refined carbs are good for your body, then you are wrong! These kinds of products  have most of their beneficial nutrients removed. Like the white bread, sodas, sweets, pasta and many more are examples of the sources of refined carbs. It is not healthy to eat such kind of food. Replace white bread with brown bread. The calorie intake of both the types of bread is almost same but the fiber level of brown bread is much higher and healthier.

Keeping these small tips in your mind can help you in achieving weight loss.

Eating Habits and Your Weight Loss Targets

eating weight lossMany people think that their metabolism is slow and hence they are gaining weight. But slow metabolism is only one of the numerous reasons for gaining weight. Mainly, our wrong eating habits are the biggest activators of weight gain. However, there are many other reasons too which lead us towards unwanted weight gain. Lack of sleep, less active schedule, stress or moreover hormonal disturbance can also make you overweight.

Now let us talk about wrong eating habits which are the main cause behind slow metabolism and weight gain. Whenever you overeat, the increased amount of calories in your body ultimately makes the process of metabolism very slow to burn those huge amounts of calories in small span of time. Thus, the left over calories that does not burn converts as fat in your body.

There are few simple techniques by which you can easily burn your extra calories and attain a healthy lifestyle within few weeks:

1. First, you should stop counting calorie intake of every food you eat. Instead of counting calories of every food you eat, switch to healthier food and drinks. You can also take help of nutritionist for preparing proper eating chart according to your body type and weight. The expert will suggest you the right amount of healthy food to add into your daily life.

2. Keeping yourself motivated until you reach your target weight is also important. Do not get disappointed, if you do not loose your weight in first few weeks. You just have to keep yourself on a healthy track and the result will be in front of you within few weeks or months.

3. You should also divide the food intake into smaller parts. Eating 5 times a day in small portion is more helpful then dieting. Taking small chunks of food will help your body to digest it easily. Whereas if you take 2 large meals, it will suppress metabolism and will result in weight gain. Large meals also take greater time to get processed in body and hence chances of indigestion, constipation also increases which will lead to symptoms like laziness, fatigue etc that will further add to weight gain.

4. Say bye to all junk food from your home! Getting rid of junk food in your kitchen and fridge is the first step towards healthy lifestyle. If you don’t have calorie rich food in your fridge, you will automatically start eating healthy food whenever you will hungry. The deep fried foods are very harmful for your body, so getting rid of it is very important.

5. Increase the intake of water in your daily plan. Water is the most important thing that your body needs. The right amount of water intake can actually help you out in losing weight. Water is a universal solvent and hence having sufficient quantity of water flushes out toxins from your body. However, drinking water just after having food is a wrong habit as it suppresses metabolism of the body.

6. Instead of drinking packed juices, you should add fresh fruits in your diet. The fiber of fruits and vegetables are good for your health. So instead of drinking packed juices which contains various chemical and preservatives, add fruit and vegetables in your food daily to achieve your weight goal early.

7. Fasting 1 or 2 days per month is good for weight loss as your digestive system gets rest to restore its metabolism rate.

These are some simple tips which you can follow for weight loss. If you can do some light exercises too along with the above mentioned tips, then you can experience faster results.

What Tips One Must Follow for Weight Loss?

If you are struggling to lose weight and you do not know where to get started, then this blog post is for you. One most common resource which people look for while facing any health-related problem is “The Internet”. But since there are plenty of websites with plenty of methods scattered all over the internet, it becomes a tedious task to select the right ones to get started.  In this post, I have compiled a list of some tips which can help you in achieving your weight loss goals.

Eating and Losing Weight

Even though dieting is a well-known strategy for weight loss, but many people who are overweight do not have the control on the diet and they do not even intend to go for dieting. Then there are also some people who take on dieting for 1-2 days and then feel that they cannot continue with it. For such people, I advise them to take mild and simple workouts at home.

If you explore the type of workouts on YouTube, then you will come across many simplistic and comfortable workout sessions which can be done at home easily.

Once you have selected a few workouts, then you can start doing such workouts while listening to your favourite music or to any other form of entertainment. Even though workouts combined with dieting can bring much faster results but if you do not want to control your diet, then increase the level of workouts to balance it.

Drink More Water Through Out the Day

Water is an inexpensive and easy method to keep you fuller and to improve your metabolism for weight loss. Now there are many pieces of research to prove that the ill effects of sodium on our body (which includes weight gain) is countered effectively by increasing the water intake. Taking the right amount of water every day also helps in fighting constipation and many digestive problems. However, it must be remembered that one must not drink water immediately before or after eating food as it slows down the digestion and can cause digestive problems (if urgently required, then a minimal amount of water must be taken).

Fill Yourself the Healthy Way

Include more raw fruits and vegetables in your diet because they are known to have good effects for countering weight gain and they provide the maximum amount of nutrients. If eating raw fruits and vegetables don’t feel tasty to you, then there are many YouTube videos which can provide you with the methods to make tasty and healthy raw diet plan beneficial for weight loss.

I am sure that by following the methods mentioned above,  you can see good results within a few weeks time.